12 lead wire system for Lifecard CF 12 recorder, IEC


Includes Varios yoke and 700-0328-00 IEC color coded leads. This modular approach ensures that 24 hour 12-Lead ECG functionality can be added to any Lifecard CF recorder simply by using the Varios active yoke, patient cable, and installation of the 12-Lead Holter software. The lightweight Varios yoke houses the ECG amplifiers and is worn on the patient’s sternum, giving a comfortable and unobtrusive hookup with the shortest possible lead-wires. The yoke is controlled and powered by the Lifecard CF recorder which also provides a built-in hook-up monitor to ensure the highest quality signal is obtained. The Varios active yoke provides a number of benefits:
• Avoids tangles and lead strain on the electrodes
• An unobtrusive hookup for the patient
• Shorter lead wires reduce interference from external sources
• Upgradeable for future applications

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