Pressure infusion cuff, disposable, 500mL, box of 24

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UnifusorPressure Infusors are available in 3 Models: Unifusor Disposable, Unifusor II & Unifusor Plus Reusable. All models are availablein500, 1000 and 3,000 mL sizes. The Unifusors are 100% tested for leakage during the manufacturing process. Unifusor pressure Infusors include an IV pole loop, a fluid bag hood and a reinforced translucent sleeve which enables easy viewing of fluid type and level. This unit is designed for rapid IV infusion, invasive pressure monitoring and auto-transfusion procedures. This part is a box of 24 single-patiet use 500mL cuffs. Inflation set sold seperate as part of 2903SGA-24 or 2803SGA-24.

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