Nellcor Oximax reusable sensor w/ SPU wraps, Adult – Neonate


For use with Ultraview SL™Command Module (91496-N) and DM4 monitors configured for Nellcor SpO2. The Oxi-A/N is utilizes a reusable sensor system in combination with single-patient use adhesive wraps. Can be used on an adult finger/great toe or neonate foot. Sensor comes with 50 adhesive wraps. Requires use of the 700-0792-00 cable for use with the 91496-N module. Requires compatible cable for any other Spacelabs device. Note: use only approve Spacelabs cables and genuine Nellcor sensors.

Note: The Spacelabs partnership agreement with Medtronics, owner of Nellcor branded SpO2 devices, only allows Spacelabs to sell their devices with a patient monitoring system. If you wish to purchase Nellcor branded devices individually, please contact your Medtronics sales representative.

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