NomoLine HH nasal cannula, CO2, Adult, 2M, box of 25


For use with Spacelabs 92516 and 92517 capnography modules, and the 92518 multigas module. NomoLine technology eliminates common problems associated with conventional sidestream gas analysis. Incorporating a unique, patented polymer, NomoLine allows water in the sampling line to evaporate into the surrounding air, while leaving oxygen, carbon dioxide, and anesthetic gases unaffected, eliminating the need for a water trap and issues related to their handling. Designed for low-flow applications, with functionality in any orientation, NomoLine sampling lines can be used in a variety of clinical scenarios on both intubated and non-intubated adult, pediatric, infant, and neonatal patients, in both low- and high-humidity configurations and a variety of sampling line lengths. This particular part is an adult sized CO2 only cannula with integrated 2-meter sampling line terminating in a high-humidity (up to 2 weeks) water/bacteria filter. Sold in boxes of 25.

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