Temperature Supplies

Spacelabs continuous temperature supplies are compatible with the Spacelabs Command Modules configured for the parameter. These Command Modules are then inserted into the Spacelabs Xprezzon, Qube and Qube Mini patient monitoring systems, as well as backward compatible to many other Spacelabs Legacy systems.

You can monitor up to four temperature inputs. When two temperatures from the same module are being monitored, a delta value (temperature difference between the two readings) is calculated. The 91496 Command Module is a direct mode clinical thermometer as defined in ISO 80601-2-56. Temperatures are displayed in degrees centigrade. You can set independent high and low alarm limits for each temperature and for the delta temperature.

Spacelabs manufactures and distributes temperature cables and sensors with either a fully reusable or the Smith’s Medical reusable cable + disposable single-patient sensor system. Either of these systems require the dual adapter to connect to the monitor, PN 700-0031-00.

In addition to temperature inputs on the Command Module, Xprezzon, Qube, and Qube Mini patient monitors support the Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer (TAT) model TAT-5000S-USB-GN to collect and display episodic temperature data.