Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Supplies

Spacelabs non-invasive blood pressure supplies are compatible with the Spacelabs Command Modules configured for the parameter. These Command Modules are then inserted into the Spacelabs Xprezzon, Qube and Qube Mini patient monitoring systems, as well as backward compatible to many other Spacelabs Legacy systems.

Noninvasive blood pressure (NIBP) uses oscillometric monitoring to measure systolic (S), diastolic (D), and mean (M) arterial blood pressures. Spacelabs’ monitors display the most recent reading with the time that reading was initiated, storing up to 120 readings with the ability to display up to five readings at one time.

Spacelabs has designs and builds NIPB hoses and cuffs validated for use with Spacelabs patient monitoring systems. Cuffs come in a variety of sizes and materials. Reusable multi-patient and disposable single-use varieties are available.