Elance Monitor supplies

The Elance 5 / 5i / 5c / 7 / 7i / 7c /5 elite/ 5i elite / 5c elite / 7 elite / 7i elite /7c elite are integrated vital signs monitors with widescreen resistive touchscreen display. The monitors raise a new standard of style, convenience, economy, ease of use and reliability in patient monitors. Weighing not more than 2.7kg for the Elance 5 series and not more than 3.0kg for the Elance 7 series, including an up to 5-hour lithium-ion battery, they are one of the lightest full-featured vital signs monitors. With its 7.5cm depth, the Elance vital signs monitors fit easily into even the most crowded bedside environments.

Spacelabs carries the supplies and accessories you need to keep your Elance system operational. Note, the Elance systems were only available and sold outside of the USA.