Cardiac Output Supplies

Spacelabs cardiac output supplies are compatible with the Spacelabs Command Modules configured for the parameter. These Command Modules are then inserted into the Spacelabs Xprezzon, Qube and Qube Mini patient monitoring systems, as well as backward compatible to many other Spacelabs Legacy systems.

Cardiac output (CO) monitoring enables you to evaluate the patient’s fluid status and the pumping ability of the heart. CO calculates and displays various hemodynamic values using thermodilution.

For Spacelabs systems, the supplies are set up as follows:
1. Adapter from the module (700-0027-00)
2. Bifurcated cable, two choices, depending on brand
3. One end of the bifurcated cable attaches the Swan-Ganz catheter (not sold by Spacelabs)
4. Other end of the bifurcated cable attaches to an injectate probe sensor, depending on brand and reference solution type. Here, Spacelabs sells sensors that connect directly to the injectate syringe (room temperature) and one that terminates in a probe that can be placed in a reference solution (ice bath).
5. Last is the injectate syringe kit. Spacelabs distributes the Merit Medical SP5045, which is a closed-loop system. Other kits may be available on the market from other vendors.