Blood Pressure Cuffs and Covers

OnTrak comes with a wide range of cuff solutions, covering children and adults. Here, there are three main options.

First is the Spacelabs 2-piece cuff system, which features a latex-free bladder inserted into a soft cuff wrap. The two part system help provide comfort through the hours the patient may wear the cuff. An optional accessory is the disposable cuff covers, which can be used to protect the cuff from stains and reduce the spread of germs from patient to patient.

Second is the UltraCheck reusable nylon weave cuff. This one-piece cuff is durable, cleanable, and simple as it can be self-applied by the patient using the D-ring to help tighten the wrap.

Third is the SoftCheck disposable cuff, made from soft Sontara fabric making it comfortable and sanitary for single-patient use.